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Cliff Hodges: Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: http://bit.ly/cliffhodges

You already know the previous query, “Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?”

My reply—Cliff Hodges.

Why?  As a result of he’ll maintain me alive.

As we speak we’re on the present with Cliff Hodges, wilderness survival educator, founding father of Journey Out, and former host of Nationwide Geographic’s Distant Survival.

On this present with Cliff, we get into the nitty gritty of being an actual human being, together with:

  • What to pack in your tiniest survival package
  • How to put together for the zombie apocalypse
  • How to keep alive if you’re caught in the woods
  • And rather more…

Cliff Hodges: One Actually Soiled Man

I took a category with Cliff some time again, and one factor he does with a brand new group is ask them to rub dust throughout their faces. Soiled is sweet. Dust underneath your fingernails will assist you loosen up into the expertise and get the most out of your hours of survival.

However Cliff didn’t all the time need to spend his days enjoying in the filth. He’s an precise smarty-pants with a bachelor’s and grasp’s levels from MIT. He determined to train outside survival courses after commencement so he might keep away from getting an actual job—ten years later, he has run Journey Out for a decade, and has hosted a NatGeo present referred to as Distant Survival.

So, it’s fairly protected to say that he created his personal “real job.”

Ancestral Wilderness Survival

In accordance to Cliff, survival schooling is about getting again in contact with unique people.  We’ve gotten up to now faraway from how to be human… that when the zombie apocalypse comes, we’re doomed.

However if you’d like to survive the zombie apocalypse, all you have got to do is get your woodsman expertise and survival expertise up to par.  Find out how to reside in the woods– the zombies will keep in the cities.  You’ll be protected.

Survival Expertise Are In Our Blood

Abel: Only a era or two in the past, human beings have been actually experiencing the parts.  Even shovelling snow in New Hampshire we have been uncovered to the parts.  How have we modified?

It used to be that youngsters would get out of faculty or be house on the weekend, and the mother and father would kick the youngsters outdoors. Now, it’s scary and soiled and you must keep away from it as a result of outdoors is harmful.

“We’ve insulated an entire generation from experiencing the outdoors.”

Once you spend time in nature, truly dwelling in it and from it, you expertise an essential de-stressing, reconnecting, and re-energizing.  It’s such an important a part of being human that lots of people have misplaced of their every day lives.

You begin out on a survival journey worrying about the dust beneath your nails.  Over the course of some days, no-one cares.  You’re sweaty and smelly and you’re having fun with it.  Someplace in the center your mindset shifts—and you’re like, oh yeah I understand how to do that.

Surviving in nature recalibrates your entire concept of what happiness is, what worry is, and what enjoyable is. Click on To Tweet

If you come again from a visit like this, you recognize the whole lot.  Someplace alongside the line you get an inner and an exterior shift:

Inner Shift—re-prioritization.  Individuals begin to take a look at wants versus needs.  In our every day lives, in an city trendy world, we appear to label loads of issues as wants… however once you’re on the market in the woods, you don’t want your cell telephone or your excessive finish hair conditioner.  It helps individuals get again to fundamentals and you get this large inner shift.

Exterior Shift—  For teams, one exterior shift is that everybody is sort of stripped down and equalized.  If you’re in the center of nowhere and you’re in a shelter cooking over the campfire, it doesn’t matter when you’re a CEO or an unemployed school scholar.  You each want to discover meals.  You each want to prepare dinner it.  There’s an exterior equalization.

four Requirements Of Wilderness Survival

When you’re in a literal survival state of affairs, like in the event you’re mountaineering and get misplaced otherwise you’re in an accident, you priorities are:


In that order.  You’ll be able to go weeks with out meals and days with out water—however you’ll be able to’t be uncovered to the parts. You might have to assess your setting:  Is it scorching?  Chilly?  Moist?  Then decide what you want to do to insulate your physique towards it.

It’s tremendous essential to perceive the parts.  You possibly can die of hypothermia at greater temperatures than you may assume.  In truth, you’ll be able to die of publicity in 50-some diploma climate if maybe you’ve had a stream crossing and you’re moist.

The very first thing that occurs in a state of hypothermia is psychological fog, poor choice making, and lack of physique management.  When you slip into this state, it’s exhausting to get well.  You’ll be able to die of publicity on a sunny however windy day.

Some individuals get out on a survival journey and the very first thing they need to do is make a spear and kill an animal… however that’s the last item you need to do at that time.

Abel: You’re in the woods misplaced and it’s a pleasant sunny day, however you understand you have got to get by way of the night time.  What do you do?

In North America, you’re coping with chilly survival at night time.  Your plan is to keep heat and keep dry.

Our our bodies are actually good at thermoregulation of themselves.  So long as we’re correctly fueled and we’re getting water, we regulate properly.  However once you’re uncovered to the setting, your physique can’t do this anymore.  You want some shelter.

Get beneath a fallen log or right into a cave.  In case you have time, construct a particles shelter—leaves, pine needles, dust, sticks – to put your physique inside.

Having correct shelter could make the distinction between surviving by way of the night time… or not.

The (Exaggerated) Hazard Of Bugs & Beasts

Abel: How has the worry of creepy-crawlies and man-eating beasts been inflated?

I don’t get bears, I get bug bites.  You’re in all probability going to get various bug bites in your shelter made from sticks and moss and pine needles, however…

Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: http://bit.ly/cliffhodges


“There’s a huge difference between being uncomfortable and being dead.”

You’re extra probably to get a whole lot of mosquitos buzzing round your ear than you’re to get a Mountain Lion stalking you.  Besides in a uncommon state of affairs, we’re at the prime of the meals chain and most of these animals don’t need something to do with human beings.

In all probability the just one I don’t need to run into is a grizzly bear.

Should you’re nervous about bizarre chook flus or bug bites infesting you with some uncommon crippling illness… don’t.  You’re unlikely to get sick from a mosquito or killed by a spider.

Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: http://bit.ly/cliffhodges

“I’m way more afraid of touching the little credit card machine at Walmart than I am of getting sick out in the wild.”

Individuals are a lot extra disgusting than nature. Click on To Tweet

Okay, the largest factor you have got to worry in nature is water.  Not rapids or floods, however consuming water, which carries a whole lot of dangers for illness.

How do you discover clear water?

“The things that you can see aren’t the things that hurt you,”  Cliff says, “Barring the rare poisonous plant or something.”

It’s the small micro organism and viruses that may be in the water that may make you sick—the diarrhea and vomiting brought on by consuming contaminated water… individuals die from that.

How to purify your water—you’ll be able to assume that any water you discover in the wild is contaminated.  For those who discover a spring at its supply, you possibly can in all probability be alright or at very very excessive elevations the place animals aren’t pooping in it.  In any other case, don’t drink it straight up.

You possibly can deal with your water and make it consuming utilizing water purification tablets or filtration pumps, UV purifiers (miniature mild sabers), or by boiling it.  You’ll have to use your survival expertise to construct a fireplace and create a vessel to maintain the water.  Then warmth some rocks piping scorching and get them into the water—the scorching rocks will boil off the micro organism and make the water safer for consuming.

Having a filter pump is so much simpler.

Abel: In the event you’re biking, mountaineering, or operating in the woods and you don’t have a lot area, what do you have to put in a bit pack?

The Tiniest Survival Package ought to embrace:

  1. Knife—such an necessary software for every little thing from shelter-building to fire-starting and even in searching for meals.
  2. Twine– like a paracord, which may additionally to be used for hearth and shelter.
  3. Bottle of Water Purification Tablets—they take up the least quantity of area.  They’re the measurement of a half a roll of quarters.  They don’t break and they don’t lose cost.  They usually work.

Abel: What have you ever discovered from somebody who has achieved one thing spectacular or superb?

What I discover most spectacular are the individuals who have mastered primitive searching expertise.  Having the ability to fabricate stone instruments, picket bows, and different searching weapons are a few of the absolute most troublesome and superior indigenous survival expertise.

Absolutely the experience of the native individuals using these expertise is superb—I’ve seen them use slings to throw little rocks over 50 yards and shoot birds or monkeys out of timber.  It’s unimaginable.

Once I take individuals out in the wilderness, it’s mind-blowing that somebody might go from freaking out over bug bites to taking out an animal to eat.

“The thing I try to impress the most is that these survival skills are a part of you.”

In North America, we affiliate these expertise with Native People.  However you’re a direct descendant of people that constructed their very own shelters, constructed stone instruments, hunted wild recreation, and extra.  We’ve simply moved too distant from it.  Earlier than I train the expertise, I speak about how this is part of their heritage and lineage regardless of the place they’re or are from, we’ve simply moved away from it.

Abel: You begin consuming quite a bit in another way out in nature. How do you are feeling if you’re on the market?

I eat quite a bit much less.  One among the huge guidelines of survival is conservation of power.  You’re not operating round doing all the loopy stuff we do in our lives.  You don’t want to eat your three sq. meals a day or your 5 parts a day.

Consuming in the wilderness finally ends up being type of like involuntary intermittent fasting.  For those who needed to eat as a lot as you do usually, you’d be searching and gathering continuous.

There’s a few 72-hour adjustment interval the place it’s somewhat bit depressing.  Individuals discover themselves unable to consider something aside from meals and why they’re not consuming all that point.  After a few days, individuals can get by on much less meals—typically one meal a day or two, and then no meals the subsequent day, then one … you’ll be able to’t be searching and gathering always.

For me it breaks a variety of paradigms and templates for how individuals usually lead their day to day lives.

Domesticated individuals would by no means even think about not consuming for a day. Click on To Tweet

It supplies a tremendous feeling of freedom.  Some individuals really feel like prisoners of their very own our bodies. It’s empowering to really feel like you are able to do an entire lot greater than sitting at a desk all day and consuming three meals and doing it once more the subsequent day.

It’s an appreciation factor.  Wants/needs… hastily each meal turns into particular and superb and unimaginable.

Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: http://bit.ly/cliffhodges

“Can you imagine what it would be like if everybody in society was walking around looking at every meal or drink of water like it was an incredible gift?”

Abel: How have you ever modified as an individual?

It’s my life, so it’s arduous to offer you a succinct reply.  It’s given me loads of function.

By no means in my childhood did I feel I needed to develop up and be a survival teacher.  I did it as a summer time job as a result of I didn’t need to get a “real job.”  Individuals simply stored signing up and slowly the enterprise constructed.  It’s additionally given me plenty of endurance.  I received that from my college students… once I first began, I anticipated everybody to simply do what I did.  However it made me understand there have been diversified backgrounds and not everybody grew up like I did spending time in the woods.

Abel: What are a few of the issues individuals simply beginning to take pleasure in nature ought to go see?

What a tremendous park system we’ve.  I feel we take it for granted, and it’s not one thing that exists throughout the world.

“Start with the park system because it’s the most packaged and presentable thing to do.”

My private favourite–  The northern, sort of western states, like South Dakota to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming.  This space has a few of the most pristine and huge wilderness I’ve ever encountered in my life.  You’ll be able to see buffalo and wolves and wildlife and area that goes on thus far you’ll be able to by no means think about its finish.

Abel: Ideas for individuals in City Mode?

Begin with no matter is closest to you.  Some areas do have nice assets and some have parks coalitions… you’ll be able to pull up Google Maps and look for the inexperienced spots.  They’re all the time labeled with “recreation area” or county park or state park.  Then, for those who’re not fairly positive, you’ll get the identify from the map and then Google that.  There can be somebody who manages it.  They’ll have path maps and laws.  They’ll inform you precisely how to get there and how to use it.


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The place To Discover Cliff Hodges 

You’ll find Cliff at AdventureOut.com.

His firm has been in enterprise for ten years with tons of alternatives for people who find themselves freshmen or superior with outside recreation.  The subsequent step is information coaching, the place you’ll be able to study the entire enterprise facet of it to begin your personal guiding enterprise.

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Thanks for your suggestions, David!

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