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Dr. Andrew Saul: High-Dose Vitamin C

Review: 42 Feeling 24 Again

On this week’s present with Dr. Andrew Saul, The MegaVitamin Man, you’ll discover ways to take your well being into your personal arms with cheap, available, and easy-to-use nutritional vitamins.

A number of months in the past, I used to be stung by an Arizona bark scorpion.

I shortly discovered that the little bugger is probably the most venomous scorpion in North America.

It obtained me good, stinging me mercilessly a number of occasions proper round my kidney.

Breaking into a chilly sweat, I instantly began convulsing once I tried to put down. I used to be in excruciating ache.

Fortuitously, we had loads of Vitamin C on-hand, which acts as a potent anti-toxin. I plowed by way of that stuff with reckless abandon for weeks.

Now, I don’t consider in “miracle cures” or silver bullets, however high-dose Nutritional vitamins positive come shut.

Wouldn’t it’s nice in case your physician would train you the best way to use widespread Nutritional vitamins for therapeutic persistent sickness, reversing illness and damage, or simply for sustaining well being? However most can’t… or gained’t—and there’s a shocking purpose why. You’ll get the reply on this week’s podcast.

Earlier than we get to the present, right here’s the evaluation of the week.

Review: 42 Feeling 24 Again

For those who’ve modified your physique and life and need to let me know, go forward and depart a assessment on iTunes. I all the time love listening to from you.

For those who’re affected by a continual illness or have ever fought the flu… for those who have young children, a compromised immune system, or in the event you simply need to keep wholesome with out breaking the financial institution, pay attention in to this present. You’ll study:

  • Tips on how to improve your well being with high-dose Nutritional vitamins
  • The shocking advantages of Vitamin C
  • Why “a grandmother is worth two doctors”
  • What to do once you’re stung by a scorpion
  • And rather more…

Vitamin C: A New Look At A Confirmed Remedy

Dr. Andrew Saul, “The MegaVitamin Man”, has 40 years of expertise in pure well being schooling. His peer-reviewed web site, www.DoctorYourself.com, is among the largest non-commercial pure well being assets on the web. This can be a distinctive alternative to realize some perception on nutritional vitamins from somebody who has no business connection.

Abel: Welcome to the present! To start out, what ought to individuals know concerning the potential of nutritional vitamins to heal the physique and for general well being?

They’ll save your life, for starters. Nutritional vitamins will enhance the standard of your life. They’ll assist your complete world to be happier, extra productive, and more healthy.

Abel: Lots of people don’t belief the efficacy of Nutritional vitamins. However what’s it about nutritional vitamins that most individuals don’t know?

Medical docs have been utilizing excessive doses of nutritional vitamins to remedy illness for over 70 years. The media, reporters, politicians, and docs say “it sounds promising, but there’s not enough evidence that high doses of vitamins will cure disease.”

That’s utterly false.

Medical docs have been stopping and curing Polio with excessive doses of Vitamin C because the 1930’s. Within the 1860’s and 70’s they have been curing pneumonia with Vitamin C remedy.

We’re speaking ½ million to 2 million milligrams of Vitamin C a day. That’s an entire lot of Vitamin C!

Once we’re speaking about antibiotics, docs are very dose-specific. In relation to nutritional vitamins, you’ve been advised that dose has little to do with it. However in the event you amp up your dose of Vitamin C, you’re taking it to bowel tolerance—sure that’s precisely the way it sounds.

At this degree, Vitamin C works very very similar to an:

  • Antibiotic
  • Antihistamine
  • Antitoxin
  • Antipyretic
  • Antidepressant
  • And can even curb your urge for food

Whenever you get to actually excessive doses of Vitamin C, a number of meals cravings go away. @AndrewSaulPhD Click on To Tweet

There’s a research revealed relating to people who smoke that give up smoking utilizing Vitamin C spray—the superb factor was that they didn’t flip to meals to switch their craving and didn’t achieve weight!

Media, Cash & The Politics of Vitamin Remedy

Abel: I’m all the time fascinated by how many individuals, even within the well being business, don’t take nutritional vitamins themselves. What’s stopping us from taking nutritional vitamins each day?

It’s a perception system. When you consider one thing you’re in all probability not going to look into the opposite choices.

You go to a medical physician who went to medical faculty, has a medical diploma, prescribes drugs, and is principally funded by the pharmaceutical business from the second they enter med faculty to the second they cling up their stethoscope…

“I think you should be the manager of your own case and use your doctor the way you use any other skilled employee.”

In lots of situations you possibly can forestall the issue, and a superb mechanic will inform you to control this and also you gained’t have an issue in any respect. That is what a superb physician will do. We study by expertise.

“People are not convinced by argument, they’re convinced by experience.” -Will Rogers

Could this one inexpensive vitamin really do so much for your health? http://bit.ly/takevitc

All you must do is be the instance. I’m simply not going to cope with this nonsense anymore. As an alternative of antibiotics, you may have the ability to take excessive doses of vitamin C!

How To Take Excessive Doses Of Vitamin C

If you’re taking a excessive dose of vitamin C, you possibly can’t take it multi functional dose. The only buffer is to place stuff in your abdomen—water will scale back the acidity. Meals. And when you’ve got a very delicate abdomen you will get buffered Vitamin C.

For those who begin to get the rumble “down there” in your intestine, that’s the purpose. That’s referred to as unfastened stool. At this degree, you’re at oral saturation and that’s the place Vitamin C has its therapeutic profit.

Take sufficient Vitamin C to really feel nice, to get nicely, and that’s a dynamic quantity. @AndrewSaulPhD Click on To Tweet

For those who’re wholesome, 15,000 mg a day is nice. Should you’re sick as a canine, then take extra.

Vitamin C is available in chewables, tablets, liquid—and even intravenous, which has been used to deal with ovarian, pancreatic, and bowel most cancers. These specific cancers are very exhausting to deal with, however there’s a really excessive remedy fee. Vitamin C isn’t THE reply, nevertheless it’s an terrible massive a part of the reply.

Abel: I began taking day by day Vitamin C when my spouse’s mother stored simply placing it on the market for us. After doing it for a couple of years, your physique begins to affiliate it with feeling higher and also you begin to crave the suitable issues. It looks like some days you need a specific amount, different days you may want kind of.

A number of months in the past I used to be stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion. I took an ungodly quantity of vitamin C throughout that entire ordeal and I’m positive that’s what stored me alive.

Biochemically, why does Vitamin C work so powerfully within the physique to enhance well being?

Vitamin C is an extremely efficient antitoxin. Dr. Tom Levy goes over precisely the way it works in his guide, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Illnesses, and Toxins. It’s a coenzyme and an antioxidant and an antitoxin and extra. How can one vitamin be all these Anti’s unexpectedly?

Your physique is aware of how one can do a whole lot of issues with a comparatively low variety of constructing blocks. Take into consideration what your physique can do with simply water? The identical is true for Vitamin C.

In case your physique can do all this stuff with one constructing block, think about what occurs when it’s not there?

Vitamin remedy has even labored to heal signs for AIDS/HIV sufferers. Dr. Robert Cathcart was treating AIDS sufferers who turned symptom-free on 200,000 mg of Vitamin C a day.

I personally labored with a lady who had HIV, drug habit, alcoholism, you identify it. I advised her to think about actually shoveling within the Vitamin C, give up medicine and consuming, and clear up her weight-reduction plan. Nicely, she obtained off of medicine and ultimately the alcohol. She tried to wash up her eating regimen, and she or he took an terrible lot of vitamin C. I bumped into her 20 years later and she or he informed me that the final 3 times she was examined for HIV they couldn’t discover any.

Abel: What’s the factor that’s holding conventional drugs again from embracing these options, nutritional vitamins particularly?

It might have one thing to do with cash.

Plus, perception system. Docs are fairly indoctrinated by the point they end med faculty. Med faculty isn’t dietary faculty. They’re not studying the hundreds of excellent research yearly proving that food regimen and nutritional vitamins are the most secure, most value efficient, affected person and physician pleasant strategy to deal with sickness.

One vitamin can remedy so many issues as a result of the deficiency of 1 vitamin may cause so many issues.

Abel: Each night time I’m scooping three heaping spoonfuls of Vitamin C into my water, and typically additionally magnesium. How do you get your Vitamin C?

A teaspoon is between four,000 – 5000 mg. It’d energize you as a result of it helps you employ the power in your physique—however that’s why it helps curb your urge for food.

Should you’re fats, you’re filled with saved power. @AndrewSaulPhD Click on To Tweet

Divide the dose. Lots of people are prepared to take their Vitamin C at night time or within the morning, however attempt to take it all through the day.

A couple of years in the past I used to be very sick. I went to an internist and was recognized with viral pneumonia and given an antibiotic, “In case you get a secondary bacterial infection.”

I had been taking Vitamin C, however had by no means executed the rip-roaring doses. I lined up Vitamin C tablets and each 6 minutes I took 2,000 mg. That’s 20,000 mg an hour. My fever got here down three levels in two hours and my cough stopped.

For those who do it, it really works. When you don’t do it, it gained’t. @AndrewSaulPhD Click on To Tweet

“You have a free choice every day about what you eat and if you move your body. If you fail to make the choice, you’ve made the choice.”

There’s a entire physique of data on the market. For instance, the Journal of Orthomolecular Drugs incorporates hundreds of articles about Vitamin remedy—the archive is on-line and it’s free. Docs say, “I haven’t seen evidence.” That physician is trustworthy—that physician hasn’t seen it. Nicely I haven’t seen Antarctica, however I’m positive it’s there.

What you’re being advised is to not attempt. The media is warning off the very factor that may assist you.

Nutritional vitamins are just one% of the pharmaceutical corporations income—that’s why.

C Nutritional vitamins are 400 occasions cheaper than Vitamin C from an orange. I feel it’s a very good factor to eat your fruits and veggies, however what in the event you’re broke? What for those who’re sick? I’m fascinated about outcomes. I’ve taught chemistry, cell biology, vitamin—I’m all in favour of seeing individuals get nicely, and also you’re one in every of them.

In case your physician’s too busy to study, you might want to hearth your physician. @AndrewSaulPhD Click on To Tweet

Can We Simply Get Our Nutritional vitamins From Meals?

Abel: When you begin taking bioavailable nutritional vitamins each day, your power goes up and also you begin feeling higher. I’m undoubtedly a convert on the subject of taking nutritional vitamins.

However why can’t we get all of the nutritional vitamins we’d like from meals in our trendy world?

The primary purpose is dose. In case you are sick, you must throw the thought of meals supply nutritional vitamins out the window as a result of you possibly can’t afford it and you may’t get sufficient.

If individuals assume they will get sufficient Vitamin C from a 500 mg pill or a pair glasses of orange juice, they’re improper. If you wish to see outcomes, then you definitely take sufficient to get nicely.

For those who’re wholesome you possibly can take 18,000 mg a day. In case you’re sick, you’ll want to take an entire lot extra.

The second purpose is that this: Meals right now is type of crappy. Plenty of meals are grown on poor soils. GMO meals I feel are extremely questionable and must be prevented.

Could this one inexpensive vitamin really do so much for your health? http://bit.ly/takevitc

“My personal feeling is that nature is smarter than we are, and I would not tinker with what’s worked for the last 100 million years.”

We’ve had a very long time to work out the evolutionary particulars of pure, unprocessed entire meals. And what can we do? We eat junk meals, load up on sugar, and pour chemical compounds down our throats.

Plato stated, “We’ve made of ourselves living cesspools and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases.”

What’s the right dose? How vitamins can heal, if you do it right: http://bit.ly/takevitc

That’s it. So your meals at the moment, until you go all natural and are actually near the land and watch it, you’re getting a food plan that’s substandard.

If you end up sick, you’re not gonna come near sufficient nutritional vitamins from meals. For preventative upkeep an excellent weight-reduction plan may come shut, however in all probability not.

The scary factor is that the identical authorities that tells us we’d like an RDA (Beneficial Day by day Allowance) of 100 mg of Vitamin C a day publishes the rules for animals—you’re supposed to offer your guinea pigs and monkeys 10 – 15 occasions extra! That doesn’t even move the straight face check.

There’s a fantasy that Vitamin C causes kidney stones. It does NOT. A Vitamin C kidney stone is so much like a unicorn—it doesn’t exist. Vitamin C truly blocks the union of calcium and oxoid. It dissolves magnesium-based stones and may truly dissolve most kidney stones.

The most important drawback with Vitamin C is failure to take sufficient of it.

Abel: What about flatulence and abdomen upset whenever you begin taking Vitamin C or take an excessive amount of too quickly?

I like to recommend individuals begin small and work up. Maintain working your method up till there’s no extra additional advantage. In case you’re wholesome, you can begin by taking 500 mg at every meal and go from there. However if in case you have influenza, you’ll be able to’t do this.

The dynamic move is—amount, frequency, period. Improve the amount to oral tolerance. Take it repeatedly. Take it till you get higher.

What we have now here’s a know-how that’s low cost, protected, and efficient and we’ve all been informed that something that’s low cost can’t be efficient. Something that’s protected, can’t be efficient. And something that’s all three, have to be a figment of the creativeness.

However individuals who look into this by no means return.

I turned a vitamin nut once I had my first born son on the age of 22… I held him in my arms and thought, “This is no longer academic. It’s not a game. It’s not a drill. This little baby depends on me for his life and I better know what I’m doing.”

I made it my enterprise to seek out out and I’ve by no means regretted it. I raised my youngsters into school they usually by no means had a single dose of antibiotic. Good weight loss plan had quite a bit to do with it, however so did Vitamin C.

It’s so nicely established. It isn’t guesswork. Docs, actual docs, have been utilizing excessive dose Vitamin C remedy for 65 – 70 years. In case your physician doesn’t use vitamin remedy, you’ve received an quaint physician.

The place To Discover Dr. Saul

You will discover books, articles, and knowledge on the internet website www.doctoryourself.com and vitamin remedy programs at www.andrewsaul.com. Comply with Dr. Saul on Fb and Twitter.


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