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How To Eat Guava With Ease

Guava is a tropical fruit which is well-known for its deliciousness and for the varied well being benefits offered by it. It is native to Central and South America, and as well as some elements of Mexico. The dimensions of guava ranges from 2 to 6 inches and is on the market in many sorts.

A wonderfully ripen guava has a robust odor with a slight trace of lemon in it. Depending on the best way guava will get ripened they can be either sweet or sour, and shade of their flesh also varies from white to dark pink. Due to their variety and flexibility, they are additionally getting used for medicinal and culinary makes use of.

Guava is an effective supply of many important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and polyphenols, and so forth. that gives superb advantages to us. Nevertheless, to be able to take pleasure in these benefits, we have to know the right way to eat guava in the best manner.

Choosing good guava shouldn’t be rocket science and one can do it simply by maintaining a couple of points in mind.


How to decide on the appropriate guava

Guava is likely one of the a number of fruits that you would be able to add to your favorite fruit smoothie and the dessert dish. You may be tempted to do the same and see how the guava enhances the flavor of the smoothie.

Nevertheless, you possibly can’t simply decide any guava as choosing the fallacious guava will damage the smoothie.

There are some indicators resembling measurement, colour, texture, odor and in addition the season which you’ll be able to look to seek out the right guava.

A few of these indicators are as follows.

(1) Shade– Because the guava starts ripening it develops a strong inexperienced colour. Nevertheless, in the course of the later stage of ripening it modifications to mild inexperienced in shade, and in addition carries a glimpse of yellow and pink.

Change within the shade is an effective indicator that it’s time to pluck the guava from the tree as otherwise it can lose its taste and will turn into mushy.

(2) Odor– As talked about earlier guava has a robust favorable odor. This odor gets even stronger when guava is absolutely ripened. Presently, the aroma of the guava is so robust that you will discover it even from the space, and there is no have to convey it near your nostril and sniff it.

The odor of a totally ripened guava is tough to ignore.

(Three) Texture– That is the third indicator which you’ll be able to take a look at to determine the guava. When the guava begins to ripen it is rather agency and inflexible. Nevertheless, when the fruit turns into ripe it’s appearance is just like that of ripened avocado.

Guava is prepared for harvesting when it’s rind may be pushed in.

Typically ripened guava have giant blemishes and bruises on them. Avoid these guavas because the blemishes and bruises are an indicator that guava has gone dangerous as a consequence of over-ripening.

(4) Measurement– Guava is a fruit which you’ll be able to simply hold in your hand. It’s measurement ranges from 2 to 6 inches, they usually attain their full measurement even before the ripening.

(5) Season– In terms of guava, there isn’t any such factor as seasonal fruit. They are obtainable all year long and you may take pleasure in them whether it’s summer time or winter.

So, whereas choosing guava, there isn’t a want to fret about whether it’s the right season for this fruit or not, and you must give attention to the opposite indicators we now have talked about.

How to Wash And Minimize Guava

Choosing up the right guava for our smoothie or basic consumption is like profitable half the battle, and now we’ll know the right way to wash and minimize guava the correct means.

There are some steps that it is advisable to comply with to enjoy the guava.

Step 1-  This course of includes washing the guava completely to eliminate micro organism, pesticides, fertilizers and other compounds present on the rind of the guava. As rind of the guava is eatable so it is very important make sure that it is completely cleaned so that the small particles of the pesticides don’t end up in your stomach.

Step 2- When you’ve got many guavas and want to finish them over a few days then you possibly can pat dry them after which store them in the refrigerator.

How to Pat Dry Guava

Pat drying the guava includes the following steps

  • Washing the guava completely
  • Chopping the guava into small slices.
  • Drying the freshly reduce guava slices to remove the water and the moisture from it.
  • There are lots of strategies you should use to take away the moisture. You’ll be able to depart the freshly minimize guava slices in the open air and let the air take in all of the water and moisture. Nevertheless, just remember to don’t put them beneath direct daylight.

In the second technique, you need to use a microwave to pat dry the guava. Preheat the microwave oven at its minimal setting after which put guava slices in it. Take into account that we simply need to dry them up, and don’t need to prepare dinner them. So, maintain the temperature and setting.

The third technique of pat drying guava includes using a dehydrator.

Step 3- Guava is a fruit which might be eaten as an entire. There isn’t a have to take away the seeds or the rind. Nevertheless, in the event you don’t just like the rind then you possibly can simply scoop out the flesh of the guava and luxuriate in it.

Also, some styles of guava have massive seeds that ought to be removed earlier than eating. A standard variety of guava that we see out there is apple guava and incorporates very small seeds.

Step 4- Guava is a dense fruit which suggests some individuals might find it arduous to eat. The answer for this to cut the guava fruit into the small slices whereas retaining the rind intact.

The inside aspect (flesh aspect) of the guava could be very delicate and is simpler to eat.

Step 5- Slicing and consuming guava slices is one solution to take pleasure in this healthy fruit, however there are methods to make them much more delicious.

You possibly can enjoy the guava slices whereas dipping them within the soy sauce or you can too sprinkle a bit of salt on them. It’ll enhance the flavor. These slices can be caramelized.

Totally different Guava Recipe Concepts

Guava goes nicely with many meals which suggests you possibly can add them to a wide variety of meals gadgets. That is good because it signifies that even those who don’t like it as the fruit will be capable of take pleasure in it with ease.

A few of the methods in which you’ll be able to enjoy the guava fruit are as follows:-

  1. Boiling the guava slices- In this technique, guava is minimize into small slices ( however not very small) after which boiled in water until they develop into extraordinarily tender. These could be then added to totally different desserts, dessert and in addition to fruit salads to reinforce their flavor.
  2. Added to Barbecue sauce- This includes juicing a freshly minimize guava after which including the juice to the barbecue juice or the cocktail.
  3. Making Glazes & Marinades– Guavas can be found in many sorts and have sweetness in them. Because of this, they are additionally used for making glazes and the marinades.
  4. Making Jello- Youngsters love jello, and you need to use guava to make some scrumptious jello on your youngsters. Even higher, you’ll be able to saute’ the guava to make a warm caramelized syrup which may serve as a superb topping for the pancakes and the waffles.
  5. Added to Meat Dish- Guava has a sweet style which suggests it can be nicely complemented by savory flavors. Because of this, some individuals like to add guava to the meat dishes as a sweet aspect.
  6. As Jelly & Jam- Not simply jello, however you may also use guava to make jam and jelly. Turning guava to jam and jelly is even better as you’ll be able to then take pleasure in them for a very long time.

Now, let’s cover a few of the generally asked questions about guava

(1) Can we eat guava seeds?

Sure, guava seeds are suitable for eating and if in case you have ingested them along with the guava fruit then there isn’t any need to worry.

In truth, guava is among the few fruits which could be eaten as an entire without worrying concerning the removing of seeds. The preferred and generally obtainable variety of guava is apple guava which has very small seeds that are not even (much) noticeable. Nevertheless, some styles of guavas have giant seeds and might be easily removed.

(2) How to remove seeds from the guava?

To take away seeds from the guava, reduce it into 4 to six pieces and then use the top of the spoon to softly push out the seeds away from the guava flesh. You may as well use your thumb to take away the seeds.


(Three) Is it suitable for eating guava at night time?

It relies upon.

Guava is an effective source of several important nutrients similar to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and dietary fibers, and so forth., and can also be thought-about as a poor man’s apple.

The laxative nature of the guava because of the presence of dietary fibers ensures that you are able to relive your bowels without any discomfort. So, by this logic, it’s protected ( and greatest) to eat guava at night time.

Nevertheless, there’s additionally one factor that you must have in mind. Guava has a chilly tendency which suggests it increases the danger of getting chilly.

In case you have a weak immune system, and in case you are coping with the chilly then it isn’t a good suggestion to eat guava at night time as it’s going to worsen the state of affairs.

(4) How to know if guava has gone dangerous?

Blemishes and bruises on the rind of the guava are an indication that guava has gone dangerous, and gained’t taste good. When guava ripens it modifications shade from dark inexperienced to yellowish green and this is the guava you need to look for.

A contact of pink colour on the fruit indicates that the fruit is in its greatest type.

(5) How does guava style like?

Taste of guava ranges from sweet to bitter depending on the ripeness of the fruit. It taste might be defined as a mixture between a pear and a strawberry. This fruit is a wonderful thirst quencher.

Some kinds of the guava have a very sweet odor and taste like grapefruit and pear combined. If the guava you might have picked for eating releases a pleasing candy odor then it’s an indication that you’ve selected the best guava.



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