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I first wrote about how one can biohack your testosterone with purple mild remedy within the article, “The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Testosterone: 17 Ways To Maximize Muscle-Building, Drive & Anti-Aging.” This was after I’d learn numerous research that discovered UV mild will increase testosterone ranges when shined in your testicles.

However I’d additionally heard concerning the dangers concerned with exposing your balls to warmth lamps and infrared mild, most notably that you may probably fry your fellas, and that’s not a danger I’m ever prepared to take. 

Nevertheless, it seems that, based mostly on the analysis you’re about to find, that pure pink mild does certainly increase testosterone, however provided that you employ a tool with wavelengths within the 600-950 nm vary. And you should additionally watch out to not use a tool that provides off an excessive amount of warmth.

After studying this, I picked up an enormous purple mild, dropped my shorts – and was blown away by the outcomes I skilled. A yr later, I even shouted to the world that, “I Put a Giant Red Light on My Balls to Triple My Testosterone Levels” on this Males’s Well being article. I’ve been strategically utilizing mild remedy ever since, and you may take it from me—and my pretty spouse Jessa—that it’s noticeably helped each my testosterone and intercourse drive and, anecdotally, many others as properly. By the best way, for enhancing testosterone, one thing like pink mild remedy works much better when used together with different modalities like those I’m going over in “The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Testosterone: 17 Ways To Maximize Muscle-Building, Drive & Anti-Aging.”

Now I don’t need to give the impression that pink mild remedy is only for testosterone and intercourse drive. The advantages of purple mild shine far past the nether areas. So in at the moment’s article, I’m going to cowl what precisely purple mild is, the way it works, what the medical advantages are, what to search for in a tool in addition to dive deeper into the science and peer-reviewed analysis behind mild remedy, or photobiomodulation (PBM).

What is Mild Remedy?

The 101 is that this: mild remedy—also called photobiomodulation (PBM)—is a pure, non-invasive remedy that delivers useful wavelengths of sunshine to your pores and skin and cells. Full-spectrum mild consists of many colours, together with wavelengths we will’t see, however solely a choose vary of pink and near-infrared mild is clinically therapeutic for the needs of PBM.

A legit mild remedy system makes use of medical-grade LEDs to ship medical doses of sunshine energy to your pores and skin, with out warmth, extra UV rays, medicine, chemical compounds, or main uncomfortable side effects. Pink mild remedy has been utilized in fancy spas and clinics all over the world for a couple of many years, however solely in recent times can you purchase a tool in your own residence, and that’s been an enormous recreation changer.

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A light-weight remedy gadget harnesses therapeutic wavelengths of pure mild and delivers it on to your pores and skin. The photons of purple and near-infrared react with the mitochondria in your cells, the place they stimulate the electrons throughout mobile respiration—the method that’s chargeable for all our adenosine triphosphate (ATP) manufacturing.

Right here’s a bit extra element on the mechanisms at play: purple and near-infrared mild has a specific resonance with a key enzyme throughout mobile respiration—cytochrome c oxidase—or CCO for brief. When our our bodies are burdened or overworked, we produce numerous nitric oxide (NO).

It’s a cool little molecule, however identical to something, an excessive amount of could be a dangerous factor.

Throughout mobile respiration, extra NO tends to bind with CCO, which may halt the manufacturing of ADP—adenosine diphosphate—a precursor to ATP. That is the place purple and NIR mild comes into play. These wavelengths can kind of “excite” the electrons throughout oxidative phosphorylation—the final part of mobile respiration. This, in flip, breaks the bonds between NO and CCO, leading to regular mobile perform and the eventual manufacturing of extra ATP power. As a result of NO is freed up on the similar time, it’s additionally one of many causes most individuals—together with yours really—really feel a pump after utilizing mild remedy.

There are some secondary mechanisms at play too. Pure purple and NIR mild may also help create a greater oxidative surroundings in your cells, ensuing within the activation of quite a few intracellular signaling pathways, elevated protein synthesis, enzyme activation, and enhanced cell cycle development.

Another thought on how mild remedy works: the aforementioned mechanisms are fairly well-accepted by researchers learning PBM. Nevertheless, there’s nonetheless rather a lot we’re studying concerning the remedy. For instance, some sensible people from Sydney College in Australia just lately found that pink and NIR mild may also help restore wholesome intestine microbiome, which suggests a unique mechanism of motion altogether.

On the finish of the day, it’s fairly apparent that sure wavelengths of sunshine are extremely useful, which I’ll cowl in additional element under. However it nonetheless looks like we’re on the sting of really understanding how this all works in our our bodies.

Clinically-Confirmed Well being Advantages

One wonderful thing about mild remedy is that it’s been extensively studied in medical trials all over the world for many years, beginning with NASA almost 30 years in the past. In trial after trial, mild remedy has been discovered protected and efficient at selling a variety of fairly unimaginable well being advantages. Now let’s geek out on a few of the science.

These are a few of the main areas which might be backed by a big physique of medical analysis

Pores and skin Well being & Anti-Getting older: Research have discovered mild remedy improves pores and skin tone & complexion, diminishes indicators of getting old, speeds the therapeutic of wounds and scars, and boosts pure collagen manufacturing. In a single double-blind, placebo-controlled research, 74% of the members reported a visual enchancment in high quality strains and wrinkles. Pure pink and near-infrared mild has additionally been present in medical trials to have a therapeutic impact on the signs of painful pores and skin circumstances like psoriasis, herpes, and pimples.

Muscle Restoration & Bodily Efficiency: This one is my wheelhouse and the most important purpose I swear by my day by day, full-body pink mild remedy periods. Whenever you practice exhausting and carry out at a excessive bodily degree, muscle restoration is important. Purple mild helps my physique spring again from the ache and pressure of a punishing exercise quicker, so I can do it yet again sooner with out getting harm. With the ability to practice extra and keep wholesome is the perfect pure method for gaining a aggressive benefit, no matter what sport you play. Purple mild not solely helps you recuperate, nevertheless it stimulates muscle progress too. One research—from the European Journal of Utilized Physiology—in contrast muscle progress and power between two teams of athletes—one utilizing mild remedy mixed with train, the opposite utilizing train alone. Researchers demonstrated that muscle thickness and power have been considerably improved (by over 50%!) in those that used mild remedy. These outcomes have been clearly measurable utilizing ultrasound imaging and isokinetic dynamometry.

Joint Ache & Irritation: In 2000, a scientific assessment in The Journal of Rheumatology got down to see simply how efficient mild remedy might be for arthritis. This evaluate discovered vital outcomes throughout 13 randomized managed trials. The greatest outcomes have been demonstrated in individuals affected by rheumatoid arthritis, with mild remedy decreasing members’ ache by 70 % in comparison with the placebo.

Elevated Cognitive Perform: One medical research of women and men with a historical past of traumatic mind damage have been administered purple and NIR mild remedy remedy for his or her brains in 18 periods over 6 weeks. The researchers famous improved sleep, higher government features, improved social functioning, and an elevated capability to carry out duties and actions. Members additionally reported enhancements in melancholy, nervousness, complications, and general cognition.

Therapeutic Wounds & Burns: Purple mild remedy has been proven in trials to assist the therapeutic of wounds, burns, and scars by inducing the discharge of cytokines and chemokines in cells. In a 2018 research of sunshine remedy and continual wounds in diabetes sufferers, researchers discovered that the group handled with an LED gadget for eight weeks resulted in scars with a smaller imply floor space in comparison with the non-LED group.

Melatonin & Sleep: I’ve talked about many occasions how I’ve been sleeping higher since strategically incorporating mild remedy into my every day routine. Synthetic mild can knock your circadian rhythm out of whack, however pink and near-infrared mild does the other and helps reset your inner clock. Medical research present mild remedy additionally will increase pure melatonin manufacturing for more healthy sleep.

What to Search for in a Mild Remedy Gadget

Again within the day, you needed to be a reasonably excessive curler to profit from mild remedy because it was solely provided in luxurious spas and specialty clinics, or by medical practitioners who provided low-level laser remedy (LLLT). Because of the emergence of private mild remedy units made for the house and advances in know-how in the previous few years, nearly anybody can do it now, and phrase about this has been spreading like loopy within the biohacking, health, and pure well being communities.

Selecting a tool is private; you need to ensure that it’s going to satisfy your particular person wants. Choosing the perfect one for you could be fairly complicated although, partially as a result of a handful of much less respected producers obscure their knowledge and make a bunch of sensational advertising claims.

To minimize by way of the BS and make a great purchase, it is best to take into consideration these four main elements:

1. Clinically-Confirmed Wavelengths

The full spectrum of sunshine could be very extensive and consists of a number of colours, in addition to invisible wavelengths. However all mild is just not useful. Most photomedicine researchers level to one thing referred to as the “therapeutic window,” which is a variety of wavelengths between about 600 to 1,200 nanometers. Pink and near-infrared mild—particularly between 600-950 nm—has been studied extensively and its constructive results have been nicely documented in medical trials.

However even inside that window, for the needs of sunshine remedy, you need to solely use units that ship pink mild within the mid-600 nm vary and close to infrared within the mid-800 nm vary. These are the medical candy spots, and just about all of the analysis about mild remedy is restricted to those ranges of pink and near-infrared mild.

For instance, mild inside the 700-770 nm hasn’t been discovered to have a lot medical profit, so it’s principally filler if it’s included in a light-weight remedy system.

So clearly, avoid corporations that incorporate these wavelengths for something aside from a advertising ploy.

2. Complete Delivered Energy

Evaluating mild remedy units by their energy outputs may be complicated. Or worse, deceptive. Most producers record mild energy when it comes to irradiance, which measures energy per unit space, outlined in milliwatts per sq. centimeter (mW/cm2). Irradiance (and the character of measuring mild generally) could be very complicated although, and sadly, it’s virtually inconceivable to get an correct studying with a house measurement software just like the Megger PVM210. Sorry DIYers, however on the subject of mild remedy units, it’s a must to belief unbiased, third-party testing.

However the harsh actuality is that the majority producers don’t supply unbiased, verified energy measurements. These corporations ought to be utterly prevented. When a light-weight remedy producer does supply energy knowledge, it’s often only for irradiance, which is way from the whole story. The entire level of determining the facility of a tool is to determine the way it impacts you, the human utilizing it. An irradiance measurement alone doesn’t inform you that as a result of it solely measures the system, not what it’s delivering to your physique or how a lot space it’s overlaying.

The medical researchers who run medical trials with mild remedy units go additional and take note of how a lot floor space is roofed by the sunshine after which management for that important variable. That provides a much more holistic measure of complete delivered energy.

Dr. Michael Hamblin, a number one PBM researcher with Harvard, says it greatest: “Total light energy is the most accurate and comprehensive way to measure the power of light therapy devices and treatments,” says Dr. Hamblin. “If you only account for irradiance—versus how much total energy a device delivers—you miss the larger picture of how light therapy positively benefits the person using it.”

So which mild remedy units ship the best complete energy? For your reference, the Third-party knowledge within the desk under is from ITL (Unbiased Testing Laboratories), one of the crucial revered photo-diagnostic corporations on the planet. I gained’t throw their model identify underneath the bus, however units A & B are LED panels that make some fairly wild advertising claims. The system on the far proper is an array of 4, four infrared warmth lamps (250-watt).

The numbers converse for themselves, however these are my key takeaways:

  • Joovv delivers superior therapeutic energy.
  • Due to its measurement, the Joovv Elite is handiest.
  • Watch out for corporations that make ridiculous advertising claims with out the Third-party knowledge to again them up. Sorry, units A & B (warmth lamps), you lose.

three. Remedy Space Measurement

As I discussed above, it doesn’t make loads of sense to consider a tool’s energy output with out fascinated with how a lot floor space the sunshine covers in your physique. You need to know what the system provides you, not what it could do in a vacuum.

Measurement issues so much for mild remedy units since you get higher outcomes once you cowl extra of your physique with a good distribution of sunshine. Uniform protection is vital to optimum outcomes, and a small system that solely covers a fraction of your physique merely can’t get the job completed.

Focused mild remedy remedies can work nicely for particular areas like a scar, infected ankle, and sure, your balls. For those who simply need to shine a smaller gadget in your nether area every single day, I’m definitely not going to cease you. Plus,you’re more likely to see an increase in your testosterone and intercourse drive. However for the complete vary of advantages, it’s essential expertise full-body remedy.

I’ll get to all of the explanation why I want Joovv in a bit, however one of many largest causes is their modular design. Type of like LEGO blocks, you can begin with one among their smaller configurations—just like the Joovv Solo—after which construct out a full-body system over time. Or, for those who’re like me and also you need optimum outcomes instantly, you’ll be able to select one thing just like the Joovv Elite proper of the gate. I’m a good-sized man, and that unit actually treats my whole eody from head-to-toe and side-to-side.

For those who’re not satisfied that full-body mild remedy is the best way to go, take a look at a few of the graphs under (once more, this Third-party knowledge comes from ITL). As you possibly can see, at about 12” from gadget A, the irradiance of 1 mW/cm2 is extraordinarily low. Under that you simply’ll discover a comparable graph for a setup of four, 250-watt infrared warmth lamps. It’s essential be no less than 18” away from these issues (they get tremendous scorching!)—however at that distance—the irradiance once more is simply about 1 mW/cm2. With this kind of energy, you’re going to wish hours to obtain a significant dose of power. Who has that a lot time day by day? (Aspect notice: I didn’t even embrace a graph for system B as a result of it’s such a joke.)

So right here’s the deal: the full power your physique receives—which is crucial knowledge level—is a direct perform of three issues:

  • The high quality of the supply. Low cost LED units and NIR warmth lamps are extraordinarily inefficient.
  • The distance you’re from the system. The farther you’re, the much less power dose you’ll obtain.
  • The measurement of the system. When you’re after full-body mild remedy (which you need to be), you’ll want a full-body system.

four. Cleared by the FDA

You solely get one physique and one pair of balls, so security first. Earlier than shopping for a tool, be sure the manufacturing course of has been cleared by the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA). This is a vital distinction for photobiomodulation units particularly as a result of Class II FDA clearance requires a light-weight remedy producer to move rigorous security & high quality checks for each element half that makes up a tool. Sustaining a strong high quality administration system to watch product efficiency can also be a part of the method too. The FDA go-ahead additionally makes it simpler to make use of in medical trials, the place the medical science group additional evaluates and checks the product.

Backside line: if a light-weight remedy gadget isn’t cleared by the FDA, I’d keep away.

Mild Remedy FAQs

As a result of I’ve develop into one of many posterboys for mild remedy, so to talk, as you’ll be able to think about I get a variety of questions (and listen to plenty of misconceptions) about mild remedy time and again. Listed here are some solutions to a number of the extra widespread ones I hear on a weekly foundation:

Is mild remedy protected? Are there unwanted effects? Are you able to do an excessive amount of?

First, with an FDA-cleared system, it’s protected and comes with little to no uncomfortable side effects. And I’m not the one one which thinks this. A serious 2013 research by Harvard and MIT researchers praised mild remedy for its “noninvasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects.”

Relating to overuse, you possibly can overdo absolutely anything that’s good for you, however it’s arduous to get an excessive amount of mild remedy. I persist with 20-minute remedy periods as a result of the physique of scientific literature says that specific power dose is perfect and protected. However even should you did extra, it’s exhausting to think about loads of damaging results. At an inexpensive latitude, basking bare within the solar in all of your glory, you’ll obtain about 1 million joules of full spectrum mild in about 1 hour. That’s so much! By comparability, at a distance of about 6”, I get about 200,000 joules of pink and NIR mild standing in entrance of my Joovv for 10 minutes.

What do you do with a light-weight remedy gadget and the place do you employ it?

You don’t should do an entire lot. Simply stand or sit in entrance of a high-quality system for 10-20 minutes a day (sure, you have to be bare). I often work or reply emails, however typically I get just a little extra meditative whereas the pink and NIR mild shines over my entire physique.

You are able to do it anyplace you need. I Joovv in my workplace so I really feel rejuvenated forward of the work day. However there’s no fallacious place to do it so long as you do it frequently. Some individuals cling their Joovv on a door, others mount it on a wall or use a cellular stand to get their purple mild wherever. Lots of people I speak to make use of it of their toilet, and even of their exercise space.

Is mild remedy totally different from warmth lamps?

Sure, and the reply is true within the identify: warmth. Excessive-quality LED mild remedy units give off little or no warmth, and as I’ve written about earlier than, warmth might be dangerous information in your testicles and testosterone. Warmth lamps merely don’t supply the clinically-proven wavelengths and complete energy output of a very good LED mild remedy system. For extra specifics, take a look at the desk and graph I included above.

Is LED flicker a problem?

Brief reply: no, not with a high-quality LED mild remedy gadget. However for those who go together with a discount choice, it may be.

Lengthy reply: I’ve beforehand written that LED flicker is usually a dangerous factor. However it largely comes down to those three elements:

  1. Low cost LEDs that you could decide up on the native Lowes or Residence Depot might have a big flicker fee, which may result in eye pressure, fatigue, and different uncool unwanted side effects. Keep away.
  2. The LEDs I discussed above emit a variety of blue mild. And if you recognize me, I’m not a fan of blue mild after sundown. It disrupts your circadian rhythm, which impacts just about every thing we do, particularly sleep.
  3. For those who get an affordable mild remedy gadget with out verified knowledge and security, all bets are off. However should you go together with a high-quality mild remedy product like a Joovv, you’ll be able to belief that the sparkle percentages are usually not simply extraordinarily low, however they’ve been examined by unbiased, Third-party sources.

What about EMFs?

There’s nonetheless lots that we don’t find out about EMFs and the way they have an effect on our well being. However right here’s my 5-second take, which I cowl extra in depth within the podcast “The Non-Tinfoil Information to EMFs: Find out how to Repair Our Silly Use of Know-how“. Principally, lower than 100 years in the past, our ancestors didn’t should cope with issues like EMFs. And with modern-day know-how, you possibly can’t fairly anticipate that our organic methods can adapt that quick. So clearly, I attempt to reduce my publicity as a lot as attainable. 

So I did my homework on the Joovv and their design. Right here’s what I discovered:

  • Each LED driver inside a Joovv is encased in aluminum, which acts as a pure defend to EMFs.
  • Energy cords are infamous for emitting EMFs. Joovv truly custom-designed their energy cords utilizing three totally different manufacturing methods to proactively reduce EMFs.
  • As I discussed earlier than, their units are cleared by the FDA. With that, you truly need to cross EMF testing. Another reason to go together with a tool that’s handed the FDA sniff check.


I’m all the time science-first, and the medical analysis on mild remedy could be very convincing, for each effectiveness and security. However finally I speak about mild remedy a lot due to what I’ve felt personally, and what I’ve seen in my associates and health colleagues. Since I began incorporating Joovv into my day by day routine, I’ve extra power and testosterone, I get well from exercises quicker, I sleep higher, my pores and skin is more healthy, I really feel constructive and motivated after my remedies, and I can hit the work day operating. Whether or not you’re on the lookout for systemic advantages like weight administration, sleep, testosterone and muscle constructing, or simply making an attempt to rehab from an damage or get a beauty pores and skin increase, I extremely advocate pink and near-infrared mild remedy, particularly the full-body type.

I can’t advocate a Joovv extra extremely.

  • Joovv is a science-first firm that places an enormous quantity of its assets in the direction of schooling, service, and unbiased testing.
  • Joovv is the one producer with a modular design that allows you to construct a full-body system now—or over time. Protection is vital, and Joovv provides the business’s largest remedy space sizes on the most reasonably priced costs.
  • Joovv makes use of electrostatic-coated LEDs of their units, which limits lots of the power loss you may see in shoddier PBM merchandise. Meaning medical-grade energy throughout shorter remedy occasions.
  • Joovv provides me the choice of switching between purple and NIR mild. Typically I like to have the ability to select between the 2 if I’m after superficial or deep-tissue remedy.
  • I belief Joovv’s manufacturing course of. They’ve been cleared by the FDA, they reduce EMFs and flicker as a lot as attainable, and I don’t really feel any unwanted side effects from utilizing it each day.
  • The Joovv Go is a useful new journey gadget that’s simply as highly effective because the bigger ones, however matches within the palm of your hand. It’s wi-fi and rechargeable too. I journey a ton, and this little man is a recreation changer.

So in case you’re going to get a pink mild, it is best to, for my part, go together with the Joovv. Right here’s how you can get one:

Simply go to In case you enter code: BEN at checkout, you’ll obtain a free present with buy.

When you have extra questions or feedback, depart them under and I’ll be comfortable to answer!

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