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The Bulletproof Diet Review – Does it Really Work?

Drop a spoonful of ghee to the blender, pour in your scorching espresso and add a couple of drops of oil. Press the button, watch the elements whir around, after which pour the frothy drink into your cup. That is the start of your day on the Bulletproof Diet. This revolutionary food regimen guarantees that will help you slim down, enhance your focus and reside your greatest life.

Following the Bulletproof Diet includes altering your consuming habits drastically, but the outcomes might be spectacular. The weight loss plan claims that it’s based mostly on strong scientific analysis and lots of people report that they’ve achieved dramatic weight loss.

However, is the Bulletproof Diet really all that it claims to be? What does it involve? Is this food regimen, as its identify suggests, the right answer for weight reduction? Learn on to get an summary of what the food plan includes, the analysis that helps it and potential problems concerned with the eating regimen.

What Is the Bulletproof Diet?

Dave Asprey, the creator of the Bulletproof Diet, once weighed almost 300 kilos. A profitable Silicon Valley investor, he reached a tipping point when he realized that with out good well being, none of his private success would get him very far.

So, Asprey set out on a new adventure to biohack his physique, shed pounds and feel higher. He revealed the story of his 15-year seek for a weight loss answer in his e-book, The Bulletproof Diet: Lose as much as a Pound a Day, Reclaim Power and Focus, Improve Your Life. On his seek for the perfect eating regimen, Asprey traveled around the globe, discovering yak butter tea in Tibet and choosing up different key elements of his weight-reduction plan alongside the best way.

Primarily, the eating regimen that Asprey developed is predicated on a cyclical keto food plan that’s also anti-inflammatory. With the Bulletproof Diet, you’ll eat loads of greens, fats and proteins, but limit your carbohydrate consumption. Although there’s no calorie counting, judging by the a whole lot of glad dieters, you’ll be able to still shed extra pounds while following the food regimen.

The Bulletproof Diet Plan

What is the Bulletproof Diet plan intimately?

Primarily, the Bulletproof Diet plan encourages dieters to comply with a ketogenic fashion weight loss plan for 5-6 days. The keto eating regimen signifies that you get nearly all of your energy from fat and proteins. This leads your body to realize a state of ketosis, by which your body makes use of ketones from fat as an alternative of glucose as the primary source of power. When your physique is in ketosis, you’re more likely to get rid of starvation pangs related to spiking and falling glucose levels. (1)

After the keto days, the Bulletproof Diet consists of 2 days in which you’ll be able to eat extra carbs, as much as 300 grams. Among the many permitted carbs are white rice, candy potato, carrot, and squash. Nowadays that permit carbs assist mitigate a few of the unwanted side effects of a ketogenic food plan akin to constipation and kidney stones.

Additionally integral to the food regimen is Bulletproof Coffee. This fat-intensive drink helps dieters remove cravings, improve focus and lower calorie consumption, in response to the founding father of the food plan. Bulletproof 360, the company, sells all the mandatory dietary supplements and elements to make the coffee. In addition, the company, owned by Asprey, also sells a variety of merchandise and specifically ready meals that individuals on the weight loss plan can buy.

What to Eat on the Bulletproof Diet Plan

On the Bulletproof Diet, you possibly can’t merely comply with a keto type eating regimen and call it a day. There are primary tips to comply with with relation to your vegetable, starch, protein and fats intakes. Here is a common concept:

  • Vegetables: 6-11 servings
  • Oil and Fat (Nuts, legumes and dairy): 5-9 servings
  • Protein: Four-6 servings
  • Carbohydrates and Fruits: 1 serving

In addition to following a usually keto fashion eating regimen, it additionally seeks to avoid inflammatory foods. Because of this, the eating regimen lists a spectrum of foods that range from poisonous (undesirable) to Bulletproof (fascinating). A number of the meals you’ll find in each category embrace:



Canned greens, margarine, soy, cheese, beans, wheat, corn, raisins, jams, canned fruit, yeast, business salad dressings, artificial sweeteners Cauliflower, cooked broccoli, cilantro, cucumber, avocado, grass-fed ghee, avocado oil, chocolate and cocoa butter, coconuts, olives, grass-fed beef and lamb, eggs, yams, carrots, cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, ginger, stevia

The above listing just isn’t exhaustive in any way. There are various other foods listed within the Bulletproof weight-reduction plan tips which indicate how toxic or Bulletproof any specific meals may be.

The food plan also goes into detail about one of the best cooking methods which are listed from Bulletproof to toxic. Among the most popular cooking methods are consuming uncooked meals or only frivolously cooked meals. Alternatively, you possibly can steam meals simply to “al dente” or bake gadgets within the oven at 350 F or under. As you may think, among the toxic cooking strategies, you’ll find deep frying and microwaving.

What About Supplements?

Bulletproof 360 promotes a variety of different health supplements that provide many various advantages. From growing your psychological and bodily power to decreasing inflammation and offering key nutrients, there are a wide variety of dietary supplements obtainable. The firm claims that the dietary supplements slot in nicely with the eating regimen and may also help you biohack your physique so as to perform your greatest.

Sample Menu

So, what does a day on the Bulletproof Diet appear to be? Here’s a sample menu with the intention to know what to anticipate whereas following this food plan:

  • Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee prepared with grass-fed ghee and MCT oil (reminiscent of coconut oil)
  • Snack: a handful of almonds and cashews
  • Lunch: Vegetable tray of cauliflower, celery and cucumber to dip in avocado prepared with cilantro, lemon and salt, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • Dinner: Steak with steamed carrots served with rosemary butter

What occurs should you crave something sweet? You’ll be able to attempt making an avocado smoothie with stevia, ice and a splash of milk.

Download bulletproof eating regimen roadmap.

Does It Work?

Is this weight loss plan well worth the effort you’d need to put in? That’s a query that each particular person has to answer for themselves. Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies that handle the food plan’s claims specifically. Nevertheless, there’s analysis that investigates the potential advantages of following comparable diets, akin to a ketogenic food plan.

One research exhibits that overweight patients on a 24-week ketogenic food plan not solely lost a big quantity of weight, but the food plan also appeared to improve different well being indicators. Dangerous cholesterol levels have been decreased, triglycerides also went down and fasting blood sugar additionally went down.

Within the research, patients have been allowed up to 30 g of carbohydrates, which falls into line with the Bulletproof eating regimen which allows a small serving of carbs day by day. 30 grams would permit you 1 medium apple or 100 grams of cooked white rice.

Another evaluation of literature involves the same conclusion relating to ketogenic diets: they work! The authors also notice that the weight loss plan will help dieters management their appetite, making the food plan simpler to comply with. As well as, the article suggests that dieters hunt down foods that mimic carbohydrates so that they’ve a neater time sticking to the weight loss plan.

In any case, for those who’re used to consuming a lot of bread and candy treats and also you all of a sudden cease, you could discover it troublesome to get rid of cravings. That is where Bulletproof’s recipe books and merchandise also can assist. The firm sells protein bars featuring candy flavors that mimic your favourite baked goods, supplying you with that candy, gooey treat you must kick a craving. The recipe books also can assist you prepare dinner foods that style good, growing your compliance with the food plan.

One essential distinction to make is that the above diets usually prescribed energy or amounts of meals for dieters to eat whereas on the ketogenic weight-reduction plan. Nevertheless, the Bulletproof weight loss plan doesn’t prohibit calories, so that you’re by yourself to type out portion control. When in search of to shed weight, calories can play an enormous position, relying on the person.

The analysis in favor of ketogenic fashion diets can also be backed by the testimonials of Bulletproof clients. Lots of those that have bought the e-book and products and dietary supplements supply rave evaluations and declare that the products have changed their lives.

In addition to weight reduction, clients also report higher mental readability and an improved capacity to regulate their appetites.

Not So Bulletproof? Potential Issues

The Bulletproof weight loss plan shouldn’t be good and there are plenty of critics. The principal complaints concerning the weight loss plan are:

  • Product Plugging: Many purchasers appropriately word that Asprey plugs his merchandise throughout his books, making it appear as if they’re necessary to succeed with the food regimen. For example, to drink actual Bulletproof coffee, you need to purchase Asprey’s espresso, which is reportedly examined for certain toxins or molds that cause a adverse reaction in line with the weight-reduction plan’s creator. In addition, you have to purchase grass-fed ghee and Brain Octane Oil, additionally products obtainable via the Bulletproof web site. These merchandise are additionally quite expensive.

Critics say that the Bulletproof weight loss plan reveals a pink flag by encouraging dieters to buy their merchandise to increase your success.

  • Unhealthy Behaviors: Obsessing over the meals you eat and consuming meals largely from just a few meals groups (in this case, fats and proteins) may end up in a problematic relationship with meals. Dieters might even wind up binge-eating or adopting anorexic behaviors. The restrictive nature of the eating regimen causes these types of unhealthy relationships with meals, or, some dieticians say, may cause the eating regimen to fail. Individuals aren’t capable of stick with the plan and head again to yoyo weight-reduction plan.
  • Cherry-picked Research: While critics acknowledge the success of ketogenic and low-carb diets, many point out Asprey’s use of studies as problematic. Why? For example, the Bulletproof food plan lists olive oil in the identical category of fats as bacon fats, favoring coconut oil as an alternative. The analysis he sites demonizing olive oil is restricted to diabetics and he ignores the conclusions of many different research that each one agree olive oil is sweet for you. (2)

Different considerations embrace his distaste for brown rice, preferring white rice whereas citing a research that concerned solely five individuals. While Asprey says brown rice will mess together with your intestine well being, he ignores the benefits it presents including more proteins, nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber than simple white rice. (3)

The Ultimate Phrase

There’s no weight loss plan that’s good, regardless of how superb a weight-reduction plan claims to be. While the Bulletproof Diet presents many positives, potential dieters should hold a essential eye out when deciding the best way to strategy the weight loss plan.

General, the Bulletproof Diet appears to supply an answer which will work to assist some individuals shed weight, but it’s not a perfect long term answer. Most people are unable to proceed a weight-reduction plan that eliminates almost all carbohydrates. So, finally, individuals would wish to switch their weight-reduction plan to a extra average strategy.

The Bulletproof Diet is predicated on the thought of a ketogenic eating regimen and gives some sensible solutions that will help you comply with this way of life. There’s additionally some evidence that means this type of weight-reduction plan does genuinely assist individuals drop extra pounds. Nevertheless, most nutritionists don’t advocate a ketogenic food plan as a life-style change it is best to make for the long term.

As an alternative, nutritionists say probably the most successful dieters make modest modifications to their life, including food plan and train, which incorporate all meals teams, including carbohydrates. Focusing on entire grains, greens, fruit, lean meats and healthy fat, is greatest on your health, specialists say.

Do you have to attempt the Bulletproof Diet? When you’re determined to shed extra pounds then, positive, you possibly can give it a attempt. But, you could need to meet with a nutritionist or dietician to debate the right way to transition to a extra average food regimen, as this type of weight loss plan will not be greatest in the long run.

Dietitian with round 3 years of experience in assessing the dietary wants of sufferers, counselling people, communicating the appropriate nutritional info to other members of the health care staff and implementing dietary care plans by following all of the standards.

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