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Why do Leg Extensions Hurt So Much? –

The Ultimate Warrior

Okay, that is going to be one among my silly, pointless, non-utilized articles that I simply want to put in writing to get one thing out of my head (so until you’re actually concerned with minutial trivia go learn one thing else).  It’s additionally a approach to truly replace the location as I end up on the brink of launch the Ladies’s guide (no foolin’ this time, the ebook is completed and it’s just a few busywork to launch within the third week of January).

Query 1: Why do leg extensions harm a lot for top reps?  I imply regionally harm, the quads are screaming and harm greater than different comparable actions completed for comparable reps.

Query 2: What do blood movement restriction (KAAATSUUUUUU!!!), velocity skating and leg extensions have in widespread?

Learn extra to seek out out.

Blood Circulate Restriction (BFR)

Okay, for the three individuals who don’t know what BFR is, it’s a comparatively new technique of coaching the place you principally use strain to scale back blood stream to the muscle after which use comparatively mild masses for coaching.  And analysis has usually discovered that it supplies comparable hypertrophy features to muscle as heavier coaching and does so with lighter masses with numerous mechanisms being concerned.  Please word that the dimensions positive aspects are, at greatest, equivalent however not higher.  And also you don’t get the power features you’d get from lifting actual weights because you aren’t coaching the neural elements.

Now, BFR is good in that it does scale back joint pressure which might be implausible if in case you have a joint damage or intentionally have to do such.

Nevertheless it has drawbacks.  One is about up because you’re having to go to the difficulty to get the whole lot tied off.  I’m unsure the typical trainee can get the strain proper because it tends to be fairly particular.  Slicing off blood stream to muscle tissue is just not a very good factor.  Necrosis anyone?  And whereas excruciatingly minor within the massive scheme, there are two case research of rhabdomyolysis occurring with BFR.  Thoughts you, that’s a weekly prevalence for Crossfit.

It can also’t be used for all muscle tissues since you’ve got to have the ability to tie issues off.   Meaning peripheral muscle tissue like arms or quads (I assume calves and forearms however….actually?).  You possibly can’t do chest or again or delts or glutes until you tie off your neck (which didn’t go properly for David Carradine, too quickly?) though I’ve really helpful tying off the neck for full physique BFR to a number of the zealots.  Which could not have been as a lot of a joke as I assumed since they’re analyzing hypoxia, coaching, underneath low oxygen circumstances, to do this.  No these silly coaching masks gained’t work and also you would wish very specialised gear to do this.  Or simply get into BDSM and ensure you have a protected phrase like “one more rep”.

It’s additionally supposed to harm like ever loving hell as the shortage of blood movement causes a rise in metabolites that trigger burning and ache (no, it’s not lactate however slightly H+ ions that also trigger acidosis and cease being a pedantic twit about it).

I might observe that whereas BFR Was initially invented by a Japanese bodybuilder who was within the hospital and needed to coach his muscle tissue (it was initially referred to as Kaatsu), The Final Warrior did it first.  And he had fairly massive weapons which is a minimum of proof of precept.

Personally, I feel BFR is a dumb fad for those who’re not injured.  It’s nice then as is Superslow (additionally silly more often than not though I used it to rehab from my damaged leg/torn ligaments final yr).  It takes extra time to arrange than I take to get the identical variety of heavy units accomplished, it doesn’t construct power and it hurts much more to provide solely comparable hypertrophy outcomes (apparently with some indication that the expansion is in Sort I/sluggish twitch fibers which might be according to the mechanism of motion because it’s fatigue based mostly somewhat than rigidity based mostly).

So that’s datum 1.

Ice Velocity Skating

As I’ve talked about earlier than, I in all probability have comparatively extra velocity skaters studying my website as a result of I used to be concerned within the sport (ice for five.5 years, inline for rather more than that).  Examine it right here.

Between that and my common nerdiness, this in all probability makes me comparatively extra certified to speak about it than most and I occurred to look fairly a bit into the physiology of it through the years.

Now velocity skating is a very tousled sport biomechanically and physiologically.   You skate spherical backed on this bent over posture with a serious knee bend and hip flexion, sitting on every leg for about zero.eight seconds between pushes.  It’s like no different sport with it’s prolonged isometric between leg actions (monitor biking is completed in an identical posture however steady leg motion).   Two favourite tales.  I as soon as confirmed the mechanics of velocity skating to 2 power coaches I knew and each of them stated “I have no clue what to do with that.”

Right here’s what it appears like.

If it doesn’t begin on the proper level, go to the 1′ mark and also you’ll get an concept of how this works: glide, push, get well on the straights than this assymetrical nonsense within the corners.  That is additionally the 10,000 which is skated at a better knee angle than shorter races.  Inliners additionally skate a better knee angle however most of this is because of usually longer race distances.  Inline additionally has shorter glide phases since friction slows you down extra shortly and you must push at a better stroke fee (which additionally makes it barely extra cardio and far of what I’m about to say doesn’t apply to it).

So why is that this of any curiosity?   Nicely amongst all sports activities, ice velocity skating generates the very best degree of lactate (look, twits, this analysis was carried out earlier than we knew that lactate per se wasn’t the difficulty however H+ was.  And since they present a robust relationship, this nonetheless applies) at any VO2 max (I can’t discover the rattling paper proper now).   So have cyclists, runners and skaters work at 75% VO2 and the skater could have the very best lactate ranges.

THE HIGHEST.  It additionally hurts greater than another sport I’ve ever finished.  The native fatigue within the quads is staggering as acidosis happens.  There isn’t any lactate/H+ regular state in velocity skating both, you’ll be able to’t skate a race at say, four mmol/l or a secure coronary heart price (you possibly can do this in inline) until you skate together with your leg too straight to do it correctly (once more, inline you possibly can do this). Each merely go up constantly and hopefully the race ends earlier than you blow up.

And whereas no one knew why this occurred for years, they ultimately figured it out.  The posture itself, the continual flexion on the hip bodily pinches off the femoral artery impairing blood movement out and in of the muscle.  Through the glide whenever you’re sitting on the leg, blood circulate is inhibited so metabolites accumulate to a higher diploma than they in any other case would (as famous above, inline isn’t as dangerous because of the larger knee angle and stroke price which permits for rather more blood movement and extra cardio metabolism).

That is additionally why velocity skaters sort of ease up on the straights, the little little bit of leg restoration when you’re gliding, bringing the free leg round slowishly is the one time your hip is prolonged and also you get good blood circulate out and in of the muscle to attempt to clear some metabolites.

On that word, once I first began velocity skating, my coach pulled me off of weights completely, in order that I might give attention to skating method.  Over the subsequent 6 months my quads grew (as did my ass) and I consider that is because of the truth that, to a primary approximation, velocity skating is a BFR sort of exercise.  You’re getting blood movement blocked with larger repetition, alternating pushes/contractions at a submaximal pressure.  And my legs grew.  Gave me fairly the VMO.

However once more we’ve a state of affairs the place bodily blocked blood movement results in unimaginable acidotic construct up and ache.

Leg Extensions

So now we have now two knowledge factors on utterly disparate subjects the place, primarily, blocked blood circulate results in elevated acidosis which suggests ache. And that brings me to the silly conclusion of this silly piece and the unique query:

Why do leg extensions harm a lot for top repetitions?

So contemplate the standard place on the leg extension machine as proven right here.

Leg Extension

Whereas not almost to the identical diploma as in skating, there’s a substantial amount of hip flexion happening, inflicting a kink (presumably) within the femoral artery.  And I feel that explains why excessive rep leg extensions harm so rattling a lot, that kink is inflicting blood movement to be blocked out and in of the muscle which is inflicting higher metabolite accumulation than you’d get with different actions or if the hip have been prolonged.  And meaning ache.  Principally I’m saying that it finally ends up being a pseudo BFR factor (I’d observe that the previous bodybuilder steady pressure technique could also be comparable on account of the truth that muscular contraction in and of itself can block blood move on account of compression on the blood vessels).

And now somebody will ask about different actions, clearly you get hip flexion on the backside of a squat  and leg press.  Sure, however you additionally then prolong the legs, typically for prolonged durations.

On a leg extension, the hip by no means extends and blood movement is blocked from begin to end.

Which might truly recommend that a greater technique of leg extensions can be to be leaned again considerably with much less hip flexion, maybe by setting the again pad additional again.  This might open up the hip so it’s not bodily kinking the femoral artery and you’d get much less ache and fatigue. I’m truly not the primary to recommend this, somebody like 2 many years in the past advised a mendacity again leg extension though extra with the hops of involving the rectus femoris.

Maybe the other conclusion holds true: use leg extensions a semi-BFR train which additionally lets you go lighter for larger reps which takes (potential) stress off the knee.

Rattling, I did give one thing approximating sensible recommendation.  Properly, for many who aren’t of the macho opinion that leg extensions are the suck who’re going to whine on FB that I’m not simply speaking about squats each article.

So that’s that, blather I would like out of my head.  Though it happens to me to ask a associated query.

Why Do Calf Raises and Forearm Work Hurt so A lot?

Comparable factor right here, greater rep calf raises or forearm work appear to harm out of proportion to different actions for any given rep vary (particularly in case you practice the calves appropriately).  Why?

I’ll be trustworthy, that I don’t know.  However as I sit right here enthusiastic about it, perhaps it’s one thing to do with the truth that, in different muscle tissue, blood can get out and in by way of two instructions.  That’s, for quads, blood can movement in from above but in addition move out under to the calves (although it comes proper again up).  Calves and forearms don’t work like this, blood flows out and in by way of one half (the proximal a part of the muscle).

Or perhaps it’s as a result of calf and forearm work is usually completed extra constantly.

Or perhaps I’m an fool, which is all the time fairly possible.

So that’s that, a pointless article about principally nothing.  However now I don’t have to consider it anymore.

Subsequent week: Launch of the Lady’s E-book.  No joke.


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